Friday, April 24, 2009

A series of costumed models from a drawing class

During these sessions, I was thinking more about stylizing the costumed models.
The drawing above was done with a graphite pencil of a costumed model during a figure drawing session.
A drawing from the same session as the one above it done on 16 field animation paper.
A different model, again I used a graphite pencil on 16 field animation paper.


Bobby Pontillas said...

Another great session. Superb job on the difficult angle on head of that bottom one especially, I would've totally botched that one.

Anonymous said...

Loving the simplicity. I hear so many say less is more. I always get carried away with detail and totally neglect the basics. Your work is very amazing!


Patrick Tuorto said...

Hey Bobby,

Thanks man.

" I would've totally botched that one" - I don't know about that Bobby, I've seen your work and it's pretty damn good if you ask me. I love those Monkeys!
You have a great classical style for visual development.


Patrick Tuorto said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks, I'll have more posted shortly.