Sunday, April 19, 2009

a series of clean up and ruff animation drawings from "Mulan"

This Chi-Fu ruff animation was done by Darko Ceaser and the clean up drawings where done by me


Anonymous said...

These animation examples are very inspiring. Reminds me of a time when hand drawn was very much appreciated. I hope Disney revives it successfully (story is critical not so much the medium not a lot see that). You've posted three different characters from "Mulan", were you appointed a character or did you clean-up on different units??
I would love to see more "Brother Bear" and "Tarzan" cu if you can thankyou!
Karen Valance

Patrick Tuorto said...

Hi Karen,

I was appointed to the character unit of Chi-Fu during the production of "Mulan".
I also did clean up on different units, especially on Mushu.
Although unfortunately, I don't think I have any reproductions of the drawings I did on "Tarzan", I can post a few more drawings from "Brother Bear"