Friday, March 13, 2009

Lizard Guards, Clean-Up from "Lilo and Stitch"

Lizard Guards, Clean-Up from "Lilo and Stitch" from Patrick Tuorto on Vimeo.
Lizard Guards from "Lilo and Stitch" Phil Noto, Don Crumb, along with myself helped to clean up this scene. We were part of the Clean-Up crew that drew all the other crazy alien creatures on the show. I re-shot the stack of drawings into Flash and timed it out according to it's charts.


Anonymous said...

it's pretty amazing it took three people to clean such a short scene!
Keep them drawings coming:0)


Patrick Tuorto said...

Hey Jack,

ya, each drawing on paper took at least an hour to do. Traditional Clean-Up is hugely time consuming.

We'd get maybe three of these scenes done per week. Traditional animation is a HUGE expense.

Unfortunately, even with this new 2-D Disney film coming out, I still don't think it will be lucrative enough to continue production in the old manner, especially with all the digital equipment available.


Anonymous said...

c.u. animation looks amazing. I recently saw "the little matchgirl" short and thought it was so moving and the animation was amazing. It's a shame it wasn't longer than 5 or 6 mins I wanted it to keep going!!

Could you put up any work of that? The matchgirl had such an endearing design..what's the difference in working on a short like that compared to a feature??

Loving the blog!!

Patrick Tuorto said...

Thanks Joanne,

I didn't actually work on "The Little Match Girl" although I was at the studio during production. It was considered a "down time" project. To tell you the truth, a lot of us, (including my self) had no real ambition to work on it. We felt bad for those who where selected for the show. Most of us just wanted to enjoy our down time before the next big production.
I'm really glad"The Little Match Girl" hit an audience and that it's well received. It turned out great although a little sad for my taste. I'll rifle through my stuff and see if I have anything from the show to post for you.

I had the opportunity to work on "John Henry" which I think ran about five minutes or so. In my opinion, working on a short is so much more rewarding then a feature because as an animation artist, you have more responsibility in the creative process.
The crew is smaller which makes you and your work more noticeable to the directors and artistic leads.
Communication is solid and more intimate, you have the opportunity to shine and it pays off when it comes to promotions. You learn a great deal which enriches your experience on a larger production.
Lastly, I have to mention that my great experience was also due to the head of the clean up department Christine Finney whom was also Co-head of the clean up department on "Lilo and Stitch" A super talented individual.