Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Clean-Up Drawings I did on the Character Mushu from "Mulan"


Anonymous said...

Always love looking at the intricacy of clean up (why they so blurry??:)
Must admit Florida's animation clean up crew was one of the best! All films that came outta there were amazing both in story and animation..it's such a shame it's gone!!! More recognition is needed to this unsung artform. From what I've heard it's rather tedious but must be satisfying seeing the final result:)

Keep posting more!

Patrick Tuorto said...

Thanks Wes,

Ya, that's just my expert photographic abilities at play;) I definitely need to reshoot these.
I've been super-busy lately, but I'm going to try to find the time to post more stuff so keep tuning in!

Your 100% right, traditional clean-up can be super tedious. If you viewed the Lizard scene a few posts after this one, You'll notice that it takes a good amount of artists to produce such a short scene for the benefit of a deadline. But it is really rewarding when it's done. It's a great feeling when a group of people can gel as a team to produce something that's gratifying.

I'll definitely be posting more, Thanks again!